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Rotova Marina Petrovna, Postgraduate student, Ulyanovsk State University,
Shchigolev Victor Konstantinovich, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of theoretical physics, Ulyanovsk State University,

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530.12:531.51; 524.834


The article investigates the tachyon field model in cosmology, provided its interaction with the quintessence or phantom fields. The researchers propose a tach-yon-quintom model, which takes into account this interaction without a phenomenological approach usually used when the interaction is described by the energy flow from one component of the source of gravitation to another. In this model, the interaction of tachyon field with a classical scalar field is taken into account through the interaction potential, which is not included additively in the Lagrangian of the system like in the case of two or more fields of non-tachyon nature.

Key words

cosmology, tachyon field, quintom model, exact solutions.

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